ESPRI and HARMONI can be looked at from 3 points of views:

Next to describing HARMONI and ESPRI in these 3 ways further below, at the end of this page, we will also explain the differences between HARMONI and ESPRI. (ook hier de link naar lager in de pagina leggen)


HARMONI and ESPRI software are market research or other marketing data analysis and reporting tools. HARMONI & ESPRI give very rich analysis, reporting and cubes functionalities like:

HARMONI & ESPRI = A service

First, existing data, such as data from commissioned market research projects or data collected by clients themselves, is taken, and set up in a special custom designed way so can be used in the unique HARMONI & ESPRI system. (see also below: HARMONI & ESPRI = Analysis Database)

Then HARMONI or ESPRI software is installed together with the customised database on as many PCs as required (or on a network). With the installation comes all the training and on-going support required for anyone to start getting the most from their research or data collection investment.

The HARMONI & ESPRI service complements the services of research agencies by bringing a new dimension to the use of market research and other marketing data. HARMONI/ESPRI's style of applying and seeing relationships easily with graphs, maps and charts brings the power of data investigation to anyone. HARMONI/ESPRI overlays sophisticated mathematical routines with real simplicity of use, so the user is not faced with complex and cumbersome choices. Subjecting users to data technicalities and complexity can be like blinding with science, yet research is about seeing relationships, not being blinded by the process of finding them. The focus of ESPRI & HARMONI is on achieving results, not the method used to get those results. ESPRI & HARMONI help users get what they need and keep the technical issues in the background.

HARMONI & ESPRI = Analysis Database

To make the investigation of your data easy, the analysis database thaty will be used by HARMONI or ESPRI needs to be well designed. Made4IT applies all it’s experience and skill in designing analysis databases in order to best exploit ESPRI’s and/or HARMONI’s ability to find and display important relationships, using its underlying multivariate algorithms, requires setting up each database in special ways to suit that particular data. It is not possible to simply flick a switch and convert tab package specifications into a database that will easily reveal all its patterns and relationships. The role of creating databases, therefore, is a fundamental component of the process required for successfully investigating market research and other data.

If opportune, customers could also create their own HARMONI or ESPRI analysis databases themselves.


HARMONI's investigative approach, like ESPRI's, is forged by a powerful combination of great tools and clever database design. Databases for use in HARMONI are designed and built in a similar way to those in ESPRI. The difference lies in the harmonising of data labels across all the databases designed for HARMONI including ESPRI databases for market research. Either all your marketing data can be designed and set up for use in HARMONI by us, or we can create utilities that will make in-house conversion and harmonising of internal data automatic and easy.

HARMONI Bringing Different Research Projects & Other Data Together

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