Data Analysis & Reporting Services

Having built our Business Intelligence capacity around Information Tools products and services, we can analyse (Data Mining & Info Shaping) virtually any data source whether:

Data analysis and info shaping can be so much more then delivering standard result tables … , both

Armed with Information Tools HARMONI and ESPRI services, you can get the maximum value out of your data, whether you use HARMONI and ESPRI software yourself, or you count on our services to do it for you.

With the investigative ability of HARMONI or ESPRI together with the power of customer databases, a customer can identify groups, and isolate customers on the basis of characteristics. These groups can be used as targets for mailings and promotions. Within the sales information of an average organisation lies a wealth of opportunities for identifying patterns and trends, areas of strength and weakness and indications of performance. Customer will be able to identify the messages the market is sending in combination with the patterns of sales.

Information Tools developed out of the market research industry. The ESPRI service, applied to market research data, will allow a customer to explore patterns and relationships in research data, making it answer more questions and get real value from the investment in data capture.

Information Tools also have considerable background and experience in dealing with media research. Working beside ESPRI is media specific software, called MediaStar, that is designed to work with single source media research to assist you with schedule planning and Reach and Frequency analysis.

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