Research Types

We have a track reccord of experience in the following types of research & analysis:

Advertising effectiveness research

Advertising effectiveness research is a special area in the Market(ing) Research world. In fact, it is taking traditional Market Research one step further.

Unlike just studying a given "market", influenced by a multitude of economic, social, psychological, cultural, legal and political factors, it is measuring the impact of these influencers on the market, and more important on the (purchase) behaviour, of a set of defined consumers in a defined market.

In casu, the influence of advertising and marketing communication on consumer behaviour. In other words, Advertising and communication effectiveness research needs to measure if advertising and communication are:

Communication versus Advertising

"Communication" is often used as a synonym for "advertising", yet it isn't quite the same. Advertising implies a uni-directional approach, whilst communication inherently refers to bi-directionality, interaction.

Both advertising and communication are interesting phenomena. None, however, is a goal as such. Both are a means to the same end, but different in their method. Where advertising is basically inviting people to buy one particular brand [e.g. by stressing the benefits or creating the right atmosphere], brand communication is enhancing the interaction, hence creating a leverage on bonding with the brand.

No need to say that both activities need substantial (financial and creative) endorsement. Marketing management, as a consequence, implies spending time and effort (read: money). Good marketing management is spending that time and effort wisely.

If you want to be convinced that your campaigns are "working", you will either need valid and reliable facts or you will need to sound very convincing.

Made4it has developed a powerfull, yet fast and cost effective methodology to help you to collect valid and reliable figures, and you will even be more convincing.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would need more information about our communication effectiveness measurement methodology.

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