The Tale behind "The 4 T's"

"Eternal truth needs a human language that alters with the spirit of the times." [C.G. Jung.]

A trilogy with 4 T's.

Once upon a time... there were 4 T's:

ToSee, ToTell, ToFeel and ToDo
They were a gang, but each T was minding his own business.
Doing fine, just fine ... working together, although not seamlessly.

They enjoyed their nice little office...

...with their names on their doors, matching business cards, emphasizing their positions in a managerial capacity...
And basically doing what the world expected them to do: Bridge the gap between their clients and their clients' clients.
And as they became better in building bridges, they were allowed to join the Big Bridge Building Federation.

The Story now goes that…

They lived in a beautiful castle...
Using a ladder [T4/T3/T2/T1] they looked over the castle walls to the fishing pond.

ToSee & ToTell's formed a powerful coalition; they were referred to as the technocrats.

Until the Dogma of the TaxoFish failed...

The fish [today's catch], however, didn't always look like fish [shrimps, seahorse, lobster, shoes...].
ToDo –bored to death and eager to get into action– jumped over the wall and paid a visit to the fishing pond.
What he saw in and around the fishing pond was appalling:

ToDo really was hooked, went bananas and told his friends. ToDo told ToFeel first. The latter caught ToDo's drift and joined the dance. Surprisingly, ToTell felt the vibes {f(x)=42} and went ballistic. ToSee, well he started the music. His nets were getting worn out anyway.

And they had a stroll along the fishing pond...

...where they saw people BBQing [and not only the old roasted trout], visted fishing & hunting clubs, had a curry and a good laugh with their new friends.
The new friends formed a vast pool with which they communicated on a regular basis. Their friends came along regularly as well, in the new café of the 4 T's. It was said that the 4T's no longer focused on building bridges, but on bridging gaps. They no longer wanted to be part of the Big Bridge Building Society. Their fishing was never to be what it used to be...

Until some day... friend told a friend who told a friend who in turn mentioned in the café that a car was spotted that looked completely bonkers [According to the Great Green Arkleseizure, it was a Multipla].
Every now and then, new things happened. It were tales from the unexpected. Very inspiring by the way... The very material friends were made of appeared to behave as it had a purpose of its own. [2bc:]

"It rapidly became clear to me that the most imaginative way of looking at evolution, and the most inspiring way of teaching it, was to say that it's all about the genes. It's the genes that, for their own good, are manipulating the bodies they ride about in. The individual organism is a survival machine for its genes." [Richard Dawkins]

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