Our Philosophy – TetraDigma

It is Made4it’s business to help our clients to make better decisions, by stimulating better ‘knowledge building’ practices.
Knowledge building, as we define it, consists of 4 fundamental activities: (a) to see, (b) to tell, (c) to feel and (d) to do. These 4 elements (4 = tetra) constitute our way of looking (paradigma) at our own Marketing Intelligence services [Tetradigma].

(a) To see

Observing what's happening "out there" is a crucial activity (collecting data and information in a structured way). Observation, however, is tricky business (garbage in/garbage out). We advise on how to gather data reliably.
Data, however, has no value. Or rather: until good decisions are derived from it, data has no value. It should never be your objective to collect data and do nothing with it. We make it easy do dig into data before decisions are made or actions taken.
Also, how you gather what sorts of data and information – data comes from many sources and in many forms and formats – is merely just one step within the Knowledge development cycle and is always depending on:

“What do you fundamentally need to know more about to be able to better run your business?” And “What exactly is the information are you missing to make more funded business decision on?”
Only when these goals and missing information have been clearly defined, one can start designing a (internal and/or external data and information) data collection methodology that serves best in terms of maximizing [required output/needed resources] effectivity and efficiency.

(b) To tell

Once data is collected, it has to be turned into information (Latin "in forma" literally means "to give shape") before you can tell about it to others. We reshape your database (regardless the source of data) in such a way that (1) data digging is made easy and (2) info mining becomes a fact: we guarantee you/we will find the gold nuggets in your info mine.
Creating information and knowledge from any data can be so much more then delivering standard result tables. It is a process that sometimes could be as simple as finding a few bits of missing information (externally and internally), but most of the time is a much more complex exercise where best results are reached when combining technical expertise with marketing intelligence. Usage of these specialized services, tools and know how (what tool, when, by whom) and how it is combined with company and market specific business intelligence will always differ from customer to customer, based on his specific needs and available resources.

(c) To feel

Let's face it: you are the expert when it comes to understanding your clients (feeling what's out there). This is where your added value lies.
Our business is to help you focus on feeling your client (building knowledge) by making data digging and info mining easy like Sunday morning. Made4it focuses on facilitating YOUR knowledge building.

(d) To do

However interesting it is to see what's happening out there, talking about it and even understanding it, research should be about making the right decisions, about translating knowledge into actions.

It should be obvious by now that we operate in close consideration with our customers and partners, thereby looking for the highest possible synergy.

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