BLIP Systems

BLIP Systems offers advanced business intelligence solutions to smart cities within all sectors of transportation. Airports, traffic control centers, train stations and retail environments all use big data to improve businesses, but data shared between them provides an even greater value for all. Made4it announced a partnership with BLIP Systems in 2014.

BLIP Systems trafic measurement solutions integrate, extract and analyze data, using BlipTrack Bluetooth and WiFi sensors as well as third-party sources such as radar, infrared, cameras, loops and more.

BLIP Systems is a privately held information technology company with headquarters near Aalborg, Denmark. It was founded in 2003 as an MBO of the Bluetooth activities within Ericsson Denmark.

BLIP Systems focuses on developing and selling the BlipTrack solution which today is used on roads, train stations and airports all over the world, in all over 5000 sensors worldwide. In addition, the solution is installed in over 20 international airports, including Amsterdam, Toronto and Dubai, and in train stations around Europe.

BLIP Systems has won numerous international awards (including the first ever MAMA award to a Bluetooth installation – at the 2008 MAMA awards ceremony).

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