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Made4it is the Information Tools partner in Belgium since the start of Made4it in 2004.
Information Tools Ltd specialises in the development of software tools and database services for marketing. The software can be used with most forms of marketing data and includes market research, sales data, media research including GRPs, advertising expenditure, retail audit, Customer databases, in fact virtually any data needed for marketing.

Established in 1989, with company's headquarters in Milford, Auckland, New Zealand, Information Tools' investigative software and services are now in use in over 1000 sites spanning over 100 countries worldwide.

Client organisations comprise major multinational companies, strategic planning groups, Universities, Financial Institutions, Government organisations, the Media, business consultants and Market Research Agencies. These clients use the Information Tools ESPRI and HARMONI database services, enabling marketers to gain insight and understanding from interrogating their databases without the burden of having to set the data up.

In November 2003, Information Tools was awarded the Technology effectiveness award from MRS and ASC.

The ‘service principle’ is extremely strong and important to Information Tools and for its customers as Information Tools and it’s distribution partners help organisations by applying the ESPRI and HARMONI service to their data. This involves designing and converting data into a form that makes it simple for organisations to investigate that data using the ESPRI program. HARMONI is used by organisations that want to integrate data from different sources, both internal and external.

The services minded way of life can be found back in the fundamentals of Information Tools Ltd like its company values and culture. More over it is considered as one of the Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s) of Information Tools Ltd.

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