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Being the Licensed Information Tools software distributor ( for Belgium, Luxembourg and France and building all of our expertise services around and on top ofthe Information Tools ESPRI and HARMONI services, is the core, and vital element in Made4it’s Marketing Research and Business Intelligence consulting services.

Target customers for Made4it and Information Tools services will find added value from the Information Tools and Made4it marketing consulting services in the following context:

Data as such, has no value for a company. To start with, much cost is incurred in its collection, processing and storage. Value in data can only come from its use (in the form of decision making), not its production. 'The ultimate value of data is determined by the quality of the decisions that flow from it'. Potential value of data can be lost because for companies it can be hard to gather via effective market research, and/or it can be hart to access multiple datasources and see the relationships in it without supporting tools and services.

Made4it services help companies to remove the barriers to the use of data and realise its value both in the data capturing (via effective Market Research) as in the data to information and knowledge transferring phase (Business Intelligence building).

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