Data and information are the basis of Business Intelligence and decision making. Well managed, data and information become the key elements in improving any decision making.

Data and information are, and will be increasingly, important for any kind of business or institution. It's time for Marketing to stand up an be counted. Litteraly. As one Chinese proverb reminds us: The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.

Analysing data and information and market research is becoming more and more an expert area. High quality analysis technology tools, together with expert analysis consulting services will also become increasingly crucial for companies.

Made4it believes that in every business the data - decision making cycle is valid. It is Made4it’s vision is to become companies preferred Marketing Intelligence provider, offering Business Intelligence tools, AND expert Market Research services. Because both expertises are required to complete the above data – decision cycle in the most effective and efficient manner to maximise output (external market research data, integration with internal data, information, knowledge AND decision making) against a minimised input of resources. Being able to understand both our customers businesses and their data and information structures will make Made4IT a preferred partner to work with. Made4IT is aiming to become a leading marketing intelligence technology and services solutions provider for businesses and other institutions in continental Western Europe.

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